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New Exco Member - Rev Edwin Wong (True Way Presbyterian Church)

Rev Edwin Wong is married to Sharon and has 2 daughters. He is currently serving as an Associate Minister of True Way Presbyterian Church – English Congregation, covering the Boys Brigade ministry, the Youth ministry and the Young Adults ministry.

He is serving as the EP P&P Committee Chairman. As a Committee, they are responsible for overseeing the development of theological students, the licensing process of our Preachers as well as journeying with qualified candidates in their ministerial preparation. Apart from receiving the necessary theological education, the P&P is also to ensure that all co-workers who are called to serve in our denomination would be consistent in their Christian character, share our Reformed convictions as well as display reasonable competency for ministry.

As for his motivation to serve, he sees himself as responding to God's grace and doing his part as a member within the larger body of Christ. He has been serving in the Committee for quite a few years along with others and they all acknowledge that it is always heartening to learn about how the Lord is raising up labourers for his Kingdom. Indeed, it is their privilege to hear in person the salvation testimonies of co-workers and how they responded in faith towards full-time ministry. In addition, he is mindful that the P&P plays an important role in safeguarding the integrity of the pastoral office. So, it is with much prayer that their Committee goes about carrying out their duties.

He grew up in a non-Christian family and was first exposed to Christianity through his mother’s friend who passed him some illustrated Bible stories. The stories which told of a God who performed amazing miracles and rescued His people from all kinds of trouble intrigued him. This set him thinking about whether there is a God whom he can trust and worship.

He started to be drawn to what was taught in the Bible when he could not get satisfactory answers from his parents to his questions on some of their religious practices. In their opinion, they should just follow tradition and continue with what their ancestors have been doing for generations. However, he disagreed with their reasoning. He felt that it was not meaningful to carry on with something that he could not identify with and have difficulty putting his hope in.

Meanwhile, as he learnt more about the goodness and holiness of God during chapel time in Secondary School and heard on different occasions about Jesus Christ sacrificially dying on the Cross for our sins, something within him just clicked. He was amazed and touched by the message that God in His grace and mercy would go to such an extent so that we can experience His love for all of eternity.

After he prayed with someone to confess his sins and place his trust in Jesus, he signed up for a correspondence Bible study. Through those sessions, he began to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

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