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The Ordination of Preacher Jordan Tan

Preacher Jordan Tan was ordained by the English Presbytery on 30 October 2021 at the Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church. We publish Jordan's testimony of God's faithfulness through out his journey.

I grew up in Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church, starting from a new believer till this day. I just have been a one-church person, from my time as a new believer to serving in church full time, then going for theological studies and today, in my ordination. It has been a journey full of ups and downs, and I can honestly tell you that there were moments of discouragements and coupled with days of joy in the Lord.

It is also a major thanksgiving that along the way, I met many who encouraged and spurred me on in my faith journey. Some intentionally and some accidentally.

I remembered friends during my secondary school days in Presbyterian High School, who encouraged me to find out more about Christianity. I remembered the school chaplains and church helpers who conducted Bible studies and more importantly, showed me the life of a Christian and its joy.

I remembered friends from church who kept in contact with me during my National Service days; my years of wandering in the desert, where faith and church was optional compared to many other things.

When I started coming back to church, it was a blessing to find a group of friends growing together with. I must say that those times together helped strengthened my desire to serve the Lord and strengthened the determination to continue serving Him.

When I went to Bible college in the Year 2004, it was really with a lot of anxieties. What if I cannot graduate? What if I give up half way? Thankfully, my lecturers and classmates were all very supportive and encouraging, helping me through these four wonderful years.

As I began serving in church, I also began getting involved with the English Presbytery (EP) and the Synod. First, with the Synod Youth Council, then with the EP Equipping Committee, and I met many church leaders who inspired me in different ways.

Today, I give thanks for the opportunity to meet and befriend these different church leaders. I want to thank Rev Edwin Wong and Rev Foo Yuk Yee who were my mentors during the licensing process. Thank you for the time and friendship.

I would like to also thank my classmates and lecturers from Singapore Bible College who have helped and showed me what it meant to be a Servant Leader: humble and willing to give.

To the church members who have journeyed with me all these years and watching me grow, I thank you for the support and grace shown and for the many prayers uttered for my family and me. Thank you for allowing me to serve the church community in spite my weaknesses and failures. Thank you.

To my family, Sharon, Josh and Shan, I thank you for your presence and love at all times and for your willingness to give me time so that I can serve the body of Christ.

I thank God for His empowerment through the years which I served in church.

Today, as I step forth to be an Associate Minister of the church, I trust that the Lord will continue to enable and empower me to serve Him wherever He wills and purposes: to preach and teach, to love and care, and to walk with Him in humility.

I ask that you will pray for my family and me as we serve the body of Christ.

May the Lord’s name be exalted.

Thank you.

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