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News from EP Exco

An EP Exco and Senior Ministers was held last 22 August over Zoom Video Conferencing. We saw the attendance of 12 senior and 9 minister. Ten elders were present too. The EP moderator Rev Vincent Lee held the meeting to encourage EP churches to align their vision together.

A summary of the New Normal Forum was presented that called for the need to operate in a digitized world, decentralize ministry, and adopt diverse practices of doctrine out of love, e.g. communion.

The senior ministers took turns to share priorities that their churches will embark on. Most agreed on evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development on top of their lists.

Moderator-elect Chris Chia presented his thoughts on the new normalcy and called on all to ask “what habits does God want us both to stop and start in this God-ordained pandemic?”

The EP committee presented brief reports and 2021 plans. Preacher and Personnel Committee reported a steady number of preachers albeit delays in pledge-taking. Equipping Committee reported that the EP Co-Workers Retreat will be held online on 14 and 15 September (8pm) with Rev Wayne Johnson (TEDS) speaking. Missions Committee reported cancellation of trips to Japan but conveyed message of thanks from Pastor Kondo for the ongoing prayer support. Convention Committee reported that this year’s convention had about 10,000 viewers on YouTube. Next year’s convention will likely be a hybrid of online and physical meetings. Express Committee reported moving to website and posting some relevant articles on the pandemic crisis. Future content will include articles published in the EP churches’ bulletins to keep all connected and informed of other EP churches.

The moderator encouraged all ministers to share the discussion to their churches to keep them abreast.

A dimsum meeting for all EP senior ministers is scheduled on November to deepen our love and strengthen connections with one another.

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