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New Exco Member - Elder Agoes Boedi Poerwanto (Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church)

Eld Agoes is serving as a new member of EP ExCo January 2021 - January 2023 and will be involved in the Preachers & Personnel Committee. Having been invited to join the ExCo, he accepted it after prayerful consideration, and looks forward to serving together with the ExCo with the Lord’s guidance, wisdom, mercy, and enabling.

As a serving elder at Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church, Eld Agoes is a member of the Session, the Audit Committee, the Board of Management, and the Board of Indonesian Congregation. In the professional world, he works as a project manager in the IT industry.

Eld Agoes is married with two youth-aged children. He recently picks up karate at an online dojo to stay healthy, an interest he had over 30 years ago as a youth.

Eld Agoes had Christian influence in his childhood from his late Christian mother and chose Christianity as a subject in primary school. His mother brought him to church in Solo, Indonesia, to join the youth fellowship. He accepted Christ in August 1985 during his first year in high school when he was challenged by a mentor in his Christian youth fellowship with an unforgettable question, “If you go home later, cross the street, get hit by a car and die - Do you know where your soul goes? To heaven or hell?”. He later got baptised in October 1987. He continued to serve in different churches where he has moved, growing in faith and obedience even through challenges along the way

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