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  • Rev. Lam Kuo Yung - Katong PC

Letter from the EP Moderator (January 2023 – January 2025)

Rev. Lam Kuo Yung – EP Moderator (Katong PC Senior Minister)

I have always been a Presbyterian. On one Sunday in 1991, I was invited to Orchard Road Presbyterian Church by a friend who was singing in the choir. I cannot remember what was sung or said that day, but I do remember being mesmerized by the Word of God preached plainly from the pulpit by Rev Derek Kingston. I decided to return on subsequent weeks to hear more from him. Months later, I was converted. It was that simple. God’s wisdom attracted me to Himself. I continued to grow under the tutelage of many Presbyterian teachers. The Presbyterian Church helped me realize that the Word of God put into practice is the abundant life of God.

Today I am privileged to be given an opportunity to serve God and my brothers and sisters of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore through serving a term as the moderator of the English Presbytery. As I assume office, my thought was quite simple - “Let’s grow the evangelism/discipleship ministry of the English Presbytery!” Of course, the difficulty is in the details. By His grace, God supplied a very talented group of experienced pastors and elders for the EP EXCO! At our first EXCO meeting of the year, the Holy Spirit already inspired us to take certain approaches to facilitate spiritual growth among our EP churches.

The EXCO has a 4-year runway in mind. In the coming 4 years, we hope to do 2 things beyond our regular duties. We want to support our Synod’s theme for the next 2 years: Strengthening Faith; Strengthening Family. To do that, we shall steer our EP activities to focus on the Synod’s theme (see diagram below).

We would also like to evaluate our 5 existing EP committees (Equipping, Missions, Holy Week Convention, Express and Preachers & Personnel) for their relevance towards the needs of our churches today. Many ideas were shared by the team regarding how the evaluation/improvement process should go. We are excited! May God give us sensitivity towards His leading and courage to follow Him!

~Rev. Lam Kuo Yung - EP Moderator

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