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It's His Plandemic

There’s a new word going around on the Internet — plandemic. It’s a portmanteau, a blending of words to produce a new word with, of course, a new meaning.

Where did we hear the word plandemic? Well, it’s coined by conspiracy theorists who postulate that the current COVID-19 pandemic has been in the works for a long time. They theorized that it is a virus manufactured in the lab; that it is unleashed for geo-political reasons; for pharmaceuticals to make money. 

The word “plandemic” is also the title of a video that’s been taken down because of the harmful misinformation it propounds, saying that flu vaccines carried the coronavirus and that wearing masks activates the virus.

In short, the word "plandemic" suggests that somebody planned this pandemic all along.

Now, if we believe that God is sovereign, that all things are under His control, and that He ordains whatever comes to pass, then we should take comfort that this pandemic is His “plandemic”. If I may, it is a divine-demic, even.

In fact, Scripture shows us that the Lord sent plagues and pestilence in the past for the purpose of saving His people. Recall the ten plagues the Lord sent to Egypt: The Nile turned into blood, the whole nation infested with frogs, then gnats, flies, the death of all livestock, boils, hail from heaven, voracious locusts from the East, then darkness, and lastly, the death of all firstborn.

Why the ten plagues? The summary answer is found in Exodus 7:5 “And the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord when I stretch out my hand against Egypt and bring the Israelites out of it.” The Lord’s purpose for plagues and pestilence was two-fold: to declare that He is God and that He is Savior. Those who respond humbly to Him experience rescue and salvation, but those who proudly reject Him invite destruction and damnation. 

The events in Exodus show us that the Lord saved His people out of Egypt, out of bondage to slavery, so that they become a nation whose God is the Lord. It also showed us the destruction that the Pharaoh invited for his nation because of His refusal to yield to the Almighty God. 

Now, there have been a few interesting scientific explanations for the ten plagues. Some say it could’ve been caused by a volcanic eruption, with ash affecting the water, triggering the frogs, and so on. Then there’s also the red algae bloom theory which triggered the nine other plagues. Regardless how science tries to explain the phenomenon, the Bible tells us those events are God-sent, so that people may know He is God and He saves.

So look at the present pandemic with this truth - whatever pestilence and plague we experience is God-ordained, regardless of conspiracy theories and scientific explanations. God’s purpose remains the same — to declare He is God and that He saves.

Ponder upon this beautiful truth and thank the Lord for knocking into our senses that He exists; He is almighty; He is sovereign. Thank Him for using this crisis to save us from ourselves, from our selfishness, pride, materialism, greed, excesses, lack of hospitality and generosity, injustice. In short, God is using this crisis to save us from sin. Will you run to Him for rescue? Will you cling to His Son Jesus for forgiveness and renewal? I pray you will.


Muñoz, Adrin. TRNDM - Trending Topics with a Redeeming Twist: Episode 8, "Plandemic",

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