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Christ in All of Scripture

On 4 Aug 2020, Rev Dr Edmund Fong (lecturer in theology and biblical interpretation at TTC) conducted the EP co-workers training session on "Christ in All of Scripture".

Rev Edmund emphasised the need to see Christ as the goal of all our scriptural reading, and in fact argued that it is the only legitimate and right way to read our Christian scriptures consisting of the Old and New Testaments.

He proposed 6 reasons why Christ is the goal of all of our Scriptural reading:

1) The OT writers/readers themselves demand it.

2) Jesus demands it.

3) The Apostles demand it.

4) Our interpretive location wherein we read Scripture demands it.

5) The Bible itself demands it.

6) The theological reality of Jesus demands it.

Participants had a chance to discuss and read certain OT passages as practice to see how Christ might be read as the goal of the reading of that particular passage.

Finally, we rounded up the workshop by discussing the implications of reading Christ in all of Scripture for our preaching.

The workshop was attended by about 40 participants.

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